Promostyl Influences F/W 25-26 DIGITAL

Promostyl Influences F/W 25-26 DIGITAL
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  • Season: F/W 2025-26
  • The Influences forecast book provides an overview of societal changes and their consequences on the strong aesthetics that will lead the season.
    The INFLUENCE Book is a 120-page decision-making tool and the foundation of all our forecasts.
    It is divided into 2 parts: the 1st part is annual and develops sociological studies of consumer tribes. The second part is seasonal and presents influence forecasts.
    Part 1 - Annual influences
    As a preamble, the classification of consumer archetypes according to the method initiated by philosopher Carl Yung to identify, characterize and segment 4 consumer profiles in today's society.
    The mapping schematizes our methodology and the classification of the 4 archetypes. For each of these 4 profiles, we have defined 2 types of customer.
    Megatrends present the major societal trends that will influence forecasts over the course of the year.
    Then the Consumer Tribes divided into 4 themes: TECHNOLOGY, COUNTER CULTURE, LUXURY and NATURE.
    For each Consumer Tribe, you'll find: a double-page presentation, the context in which they appear, their aspirations and the key words that make them up.
    Then a double page presenting the tribe on its BASIC personality axis. Then on its SOPHISTIC axis.
    Part 2 - Seasonal influences
    The second part is dedicated to seasonal trends. Here you'll find our approach, combining the 4 consumer profiles into 4 themes.
    For each theme, PROMOSTYL proposes 2 axes, bringing you a modern approach to forecasting. The BASIC and SOPHISTIC axis.
    Then the forecasts and creative ideas proposed by our experts in the fields of FASHION, DESIGN, RETAIL and COMMUNICATION for the BASIC axis.
    The second axis, SOPHISTICATED, proposes the same forecasting scheme.
    And for each theme you'll find the same equivalents.
    In all, you'll find 16 innovative creative tracks for each tribe profile.
    You'll also find a list of our fabric manufacturers and agents around the world.
    Customers can select from the various sectors of the book to adapt our creations to their brands.

  • Accessories, Baby, Beauty, Colours, Materials & Inspirations, Interior design, Kidswear, Lingerie, Menswear, Shoes, Sportswear, Womenswear
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